Thursday, December 6, 2007


Well folks, ALL good things come to those who wait and constantly remind God that His help will be needed. Finally gotten my job offer and its good with lotsa training and potential for a not-so young but very ambitious bobo to make a mark quickly and efficently. The oddest thing is that when it happened, I was so stunned, I sent the news to a couple of pple and switched off me phone. Remained stunned till i got home, had a nice bowl of 'chinese' (the local version, which is indomie+turkey+a carton of juice), slept and woke to hear my pals good news as well and all of a sudden, THIS WORLD IS FABOLOUS!!!!
Kinda hurts that I had to lose my gf before this happened (should i call and tell her? F@CK NO!!!) but I did ask for a sign from God about that relationship and it doesn't get clearer than the gal breaking up with you over a blog?!!! (a moment of silence here for my grieving heart...okay, e do)
Been rocking to my guys, P-Square and their new album and its awesome (just flipped back to the beginning of the album again...No one be like you omon, u heartbreaker u-lol). OMG!!! Now, its "Game Over' playing and YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! THIS JOB IS OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR!!!
By the way, since this is my leave day and I am at work already, what does that tell you about me...a slave, a brainwashed grunt, a workaholic, or just a dude who loves his job despite the obstacles management puts in front of him (like low pay, loooooooooong hours and no soft, comfortable bed located in that back office no one visits)


fantasy queen said...

good for u man!!! congrats on the job...
popping some virtual champange for u.
and for real? u broke up with ur gal cos of a blog?...that must have been a mean blog.

Onome said... he likes p-square too huh?? hmmm......congrats on ur new job dude;)