Monday, February 18, 2008


"You stood me up yesterday and u didn't even have the courtesy of calling to explain. If you treat a girlfriend like that, she will sack you right away!! Foolish boy."

Those are probably familiar words to lotsa dudes and dudettes but i have to tell what makes them so bleeding funny; my mum sent me this as a text message yesterday evening thus sealing her position as the coolest mum in the world (you have to know my mum has been a civil servant for donkey years and yet, she sounds so awesome-lol; totally love that woman).

Here's a challenge for you: what's the coolest thing that your mum has ever said to you 'cos right now, my mums the baddest thing on the block-lol

Thursday, February 14, 2008


A name from the good Book and yet right now, it means sooooooooo much more. It's the name of the series that is currently rocking my odd little world.

Lets face it, anyone who told me i'd be watching a series with no overly muscled characters, no superpowers (still hoping in the back of me mind that that will change), no specifically outlined bad guy and no world threatening event (too late for that-lol); let's just say this one snuck up on me and it's bloody awesome.

Talking of bloody awesome, got me a new job which makes me one of those milly-o-niares in Lag o-lol. i must say, losing a gf and gaining a new job is one hell of a fair trade (huge grin). think i will keep testing bachelorhood for the rest of this year and see how wealthy i can be before a daughter of eve tackles me again (shudder!!! ever wonder where the word 'evil' comes from?!!).

by the way fantasy queen, even though your image is still blurred, i can see enuf to know u r a hottie-lol