Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lessons Learnt...

2008 FINALLY!!! For a while there, had me doubts about making it thru sane and all especially the last couple of days.

Did I tell you guys about my new ex-job?!! I quit that place after three weeks of brain-dulling drudgery. Also, and most importantly, they tried to shaft me on the wage thingie which is a no-go area with me. I mean, shit!!! No one pays a professional on a 30 CALENDER DAY basis (not working days mind you) unless of course they consider the fellow to be of sufficiently low intelligence nt to be able to understand d ramifications of that difference OR they think he has no other options (FUCK U SHEYI)!!

Lesson learnt: It ain't just the money; it's also about development and growth...ok, money is very important too!!


Onome said...

u're so matters a lot...development counts u develop u get more money...thats d way i see it...welcome to 2008 bro:)

Onome said... u plan to update dis year maybe??

Kin'shar said...

Money talk and BS walks!!!