Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A moment to think...

Weeelllll, it's the last day of the year and I had to make sure that I ended it with a blog. Let's examine the year together seeing the mistakes, the possibilities and the future (that makes sense in an odd way).

Went from being a thousandneer to being a millioniare; went from being a possible blog addict to being a furtive, inconsistent one; went from being a fun loving loafer, to a serious minded dickwad who wants to get married this coming year (ignore the dickwad part if you r my friend and if u don't, then f**k u b***h :D); also went from being heartbroken and single to being the luckiest guy alive and will soon be in my longest relationship ever (i blush)....what else?

I have given up a social life for the past 9 months and though I have gained in terms of finances, i have lost much in the way of friends and i deeply regret that; I have lost touch with my family and |I also deeply regret that and most important I have lost touch with my inner self and my morals and values have changed negatively...I truly, deeply regret that.

I guess, this coming year, if I have to make a wish or a plan, it would have to be a wish to change the person I am now, into someone I can once again be proud off. I would wish to be once again, a friend, cousin, uncle and son to those that have stood by me through the hard times and have continously been there with their prayers through supposedly good ones. I would wish that the love I have found in my girlfriend would further deepen both spiritually and mentally into something stronger, permanent and sanctioned by God in His Church. I would wish that His grace would be reflected in me in everything I do, think or say and most of all, I would wish that I would walk with Him everyday surrounded by His love...I think that last one is the most heartfelt thing I have ever wanted in this life.

Anyway, I have shared this moment and now, I'm outta here. Have to go home and prepare for the new year and my time to join the human race again.

Love you all

Thursday, June 5, 2008

SOS....I need my LIFE back!!!

It's been like forever since I did this and the change is due to my new life as a banker (BIG BOY making ARSE!!!). Now, one would say that don't mean shit and all that but pips, I can honestly tell you that my life has gone to the pits since I became a banker. Christian life wasn't hot before but now, I got some major sins to add to it; I don't see my hombres no more..heck, I hardly see my GF no more as i normally get home 11pm side and let's face it pips, at that time, all you wanna do is eat and sleep (last time I tried more than that, I woke 2 hours late-lol); work weekends too so movies and relaxing are out of it. My life and everything else as I know it, is at an end (drama king; dats me all rite).

What's left of me is a maniac forced to behave like a sane fella and it's just driving me mad. The irony is I did beg to apply-lol, simply thinking this was my opportunity to make some major money and look good but honestly, screw the money and give me a life back.!!!

That's enuff of the bitching. On the bright side.......hang know what,w ill get back to you on that 'bright side' part.

Iron man was the bomb, that jackie chan and jet li movie should be watched on a chinese 25-in-1 collection and I have lost so much weight in 3 months, it's liek a gypsy cursed me or something (thinner). The bank pumps money into your account but drains the life from you, which for those of the restless variety isn't a fair trade at all so guess what?!! I am job hunting once again-lol.

Have to go now cos kinda down with typhoid due to excessive stress so feeling woozy rite now. As for the bright side, I have met some wonderful people who deserve mega awards for their services to the bank and all but since I have acquired some skills that are should have been acquired by someone in jail (forgery skills and all), I guess i don't fit into the role of an exemplary character none...liek I give a shit!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008


"You stood me up yesterday and u didn't even have the courtesy of calling to explain. If you treat a girlfriend like that, she will sack you right away!! Foolish boy."

Those are probably familiar words to lotsa dudes and dudettes but i have to tell what makes them so bleeding funny; my mum sent me this as a text message yesterday evening thus sealing her position as the coolest mum in the world (you have to know my mum has been a civil servant for donkey years and yet, she sounds so awesome-lol; totally love that woman).

Here's a challenge for you: what's the coolest thing that your mum has ever said to you 'cos right now, my mums the baddest thing on the block-lol

Thursday, February 14, 2008


A name from the good Book and yet right now, it means sooooooooo much more. It's the name of the series that is currently rocking my odd little world.

Lets face it, anyone who told me i'd be watching a series with no overly muscled characters, no superpowers (still hoping in the back of me mind that that will change), no specifically outlined bad guy and no world threatening event (too late for that-lol); let's just say this one snuck up on me and it's bloody awesome.

Talking of bloody awesome, got me a new job which makes me one of those milly-o-niares in Lag o-lol. i must say, losing a gf and gaining a new job is one hell of a fair trade (huge grin). think i will keep testing bachelorhood for the rest of this year and see how wealthy i can be before a daughter of eve tackles me again (shudder!!! ever wonder where the word 'evil' comes from?!!).

by the way fantasy queen, even though your image is still blurred, i can see enuf to know u r a hottie-lol

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lessons Learnt...

2008 FINALLY!!! For a while there, had me doubts about making it thru sane and all especially the last couple of days.

Did I tell you guys about my new ex-job?!! I quit that place after three weeks of brain-dulling drudgery. Also, and most importantly, they tried to shaft me on the wage thingie which is a no-go area with me. I mean, shit!!! No one pays a professional on a 30 CALENDER DAY basis (not working days mind you) unless of course they consider the fellow to be of sufficiently low intelligence nt to be able to understand d ramifications of that difference OR they think he has no other options (FUCK U SHEYI)!!

Lesson learnt: It ain't just the money; it's also about development and growth...ok, money is very important too!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Well folks, ALL good things come to those who wait and constantly remind God that His help will be needed. Finally gotten my job offer and its good with lotsa training and potential for a not-so young but very ambitious bobo to make a mark quickly and efficently. The oddest thing is that when it happened, I was so stunned, I sent the news to a couple of pple and switched off me phone. Remained stunned till i got home, had a nice bowl of 'chinese' (the local version, which is indomie+turkey+a carton of juice), slept and woke to hear my pals good news as well and all of a sudden, THIS WORLD IS FABOLOUS!!!!
Kinda hurts that I had to lose my gf before this happened (should i call and tell her? F@CK NO!!!) but I did ask for a sign from God about that relationship and it doesn't get clearer than the gal breaking up with you over a blog?!!! (a moment of silence here for my grieving heart...okay, e do)
Been rocking to my guys, P-Square and their new album and its awesome (just flipped back to the beginning of the album again...No one be like you omon, u heartbreaker u-lol). OMG!!! Now, its "Game Over' playing and YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! THIS JOB IS OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR!!!
By the way, since this is my leave day and I am at work already, what does that tell you about me...a slave, a brainwashed grunt, a workaholic, or just a dude who loves his job despite the obstacles management puts in front of him (like low pay, loooooooooong hours and no soft, comfortable bed located in that back office no one visits)

Monday, December 3, 2007


Good day all. well, i'm back and ranting again (Unbiased, bloody boo sucks to u). This morning, i had to contemplate what choice even happened over the weekend till the point i stepped into the office.
Is there a story in my daily walk to work (i'm cool like dat, when i rhyme like...fat?!); i mean, should i really go nito details of how i imagine i am some mutant with magnetic/flame/ice powers which i use to destroy Ajose Adeogun strt especially when cars don't slow downat the pedestrian crossing (blasted street gets destroyed everyday by me and yet its still there the next day...must have quick regeneration powers..yeah!!!)
Maybe, i should talk about how, once i get the opportunity, i'm goin to go paradiving from as high up as possible and so fulfill my dreams of flying and pissing in midair (the sanity of that second desire is a bit questionable but so wat?). I mean, i'd be so high up, it would be d ultimate trip (my face is really bright and happy thinkin about this...and my boss is probably wondering y?!! back to dull mode right sharp!!)
NAAAAWWWW!!! let me combine my dream sof being different, a mutant with some serious arse kicking powers with events over the weekend. lets see, superman, the man of steel, can fly so fast, he can break the time barrier; he can breathe for days in the depths of space without xtra oxygen (bloody he can fart for days too). The dude can squeeze a coal into a diamond with his bare hands (the South African De Boers won't like that o) and as for his invulnerability, well he IS the man of steel, which is y its crying shame an itsy bitsy green rock can do so much damage to that overgrown boyscout! I mean, its that a GREEN piece of rock could destabilise a whole supes? I mean, shit, I knew he would have issues in bed (if u think about the physics of a dude like him shagging, you'd know it just ain't possible) but a green rock?!!
However, God does like a good joke which is y He made sure that despite my huge frame and undauntable spirit, i am cowered by bugs, namely soldier ants and cockroaches!!. Since u never really c soldier ants inlagos, i am left with roaches. Dear Lord, I know u made them but i pray, between the flies and the mosquitoes, there are enuff bad things out there so smiting roaches from the face of he planet ain't such a bad idea. I HATE them with an overwhelming passion and lets face it pips, the sight of a roach flying is the ugliest thing ever! it's especially bad cos roaches have the habit of flying towards ur face, even in the dark, which was the lowest of lows for me this weekend. I was reading on a novel on me phone right, and next thing I knew, something dropped on my face, partially covering my mouth!!! My faster than normal (panic inspired) speedy reflexes took over and i swept the thing off and 2 seconds later, by the light of my phone, I saw a huge roach fly off my face and hit the floor running...I went BALLISTIC!!!! I screamed dat good ol' cuss word in a way best described as "PASSIONATE", froze a bit more, then ran to wash my face, all while still repeating d cuss word to myself, like some sort of mantra!! scrubbed my face, lips, even brushed twice and I still had goose bumps on my skin. Thinking about last night, I still get the shivers even while at work and I can still feel the hairy effing legs on my mouth (Freaksho, stop laffing or I swear I'm gonna put something nasty in d bed with u when u crash).
Excuse me but think i need to go wash my mouth and face again...the goose bumps are backm right now and the sense of shock!!