Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A moment to think...

Weeelllll, it's the last day of the year and I had to make sure that I ended it with a blog. Let's examine the year together seeing the mistakes, the possibilities and the future (that makes sense in an odd way).

Went from being a thousandneer to being a millioniare; went from being a possible blog addict to being a furtive, inconsistent one; went from being a fun loving loafer, to a serious minded dickwad who wants to get married this coming year (ignore the dickwad part if you r my friend and if u don't, then f**k u b***h :D); also went from being heartbroken and single to being the luckiest guy alive and will soon be in my longest relationship ever (i blush)....what else?

I have given up a social life for the past 9 months and though I have gained in terms of finances, i have lost much in the way of friends and i deeply regret that; I have lost touch with my family and |I also deeply regret that and most important I have lost touch with my inner self and my morals and values have changed negatively...I truly, deeply regret that.

I guess, this coming year, if I have to make a wish or a plan, it would have to be a wish to change the person I am now, into someone I can once again be proud off. I would wish to be once again, a friend, cousin, uncle and son to those that have stood by me through the hard times and have continously been there with their prayers through supposedly good ones. I would wish that the love I have found in my girlfriend would further deepen both spiritually and mentally into something stronger, permanent and sanctioned by God in His Church. I would wish that His grace would be reflected in me in everything I do, think or say and most of all, I would wish that I would walk with Him everyday surrounded by His love...I think that last one is the most heartfelt thing I have ever wanted in this life.

Anyway, I have shared this moment and now, I'm outta here. Have to go home and prepare for the new year and my time to join the human race again.

Love you all