Thursday, June 5, 2008

SOS....I need my LIFE back!!!

It's been like forever since I did this and the change is due to my new life as a banker (BIG BOY making ARSE!!!). Now, one would say that don't mean shit and all that but pips, I can honestly tell you that my life has gone to the pits since I became a banker. Christian life wasn't hot before but now, I got some major sins to add to it; I don't see my hombres no more..heck, I hardly see my GF no more as i normally get home 11pm side and let's face it pips, at that time, all you wanna do is eat and sleep (last time I tried more than that, I woke 2 hours late-lol); work weekends too so movies and relaxing are out of it. My life and everything else as I know it, is at an end (drama king; dats me all rite).

What's left of me is a maniac forced to behave like a sane fella and it's just driving me mad. The irony is I did beg to apply-lol, simply thinking this was my opportunity to make some major money and look good but honestly, screw the money and give me a life back.!!!

That's enuff of the bitching. On the bright side.......hang know what,w ill get back to you on that 'bright side' part.

Iron man was the bomb, that jackie chan and jet li movie should be watched on a chinese 25-in-1 collection and I have lost so much weight in 3 months, it's liek a gypsy cursed me or something (thinner). The bank pumps money into your account but drains the life from you, which for those of the restless variety isn't a fair trade at all so guess what?!! I am job hunting once again-lol.

Have to go now cos kinda down with typhoid due to excessive stress so feeling woozy rite now. As for the bright side, I have met some wonderful people who deserve mega awards for their services to the bank and all but since I have acquired some skills that are should have been acquired by someone in jail (forgery skills and all), I guess i don't fit into the role of an exemplary character none...liek I give a shit!!!


incoherent said...

poor baby. how goes it? missed you!

Unbiased said...

Blogville idols is on. (Link up through clicking the picture on the right of my page).
When the time comes vote for your girl. aight?

AlooFar said...

All the best.


Muse said...

mid-life crisis before mid-life? damn! you need a life!awklud

Muse said...

errr...never mind the last scribble after your needing a life. i have no idea what that is.

ibiluv said...

need i say more???? u beg to apply......*wink*.......

Mineexclusively said...

You this stupid boy. So you get blog? You even get time to update. Who dash monkey, banana.

Before I tell the whole world wetin you do me, you berra represent. Wetin concern me, if na bank you dey sleep. I go beat you o. No let me turn my ugly side to you o. Lol.

How you bin? You prolly don't come here ever. Agbaya!

You know who this is, and if you don't, were ni e!